Custom Orders

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently only accepting custom orders for designs I already offer with custom variations. Allowed variations are items in a custom size, custom material, or supply your own material. The offered designs include jackets, babydoll dresses, corsets, halter tops, and tote bags.

The price range for these items is as follows:

 Tapestry & Quilt Jackets

$115 - $225

Babydoll Dresses

$70 - $100


$80 - $100

Halter Tops

$30 - $40

Tote Bags

$15 - $25


The current lead time for a custom order to be fulfilled is 4-6 weeks.


How to place a custom order:

To place a custom order, you must complete a custom order request form. Please understand that all custom order requests may not be granted but will always be considered. 

To place a custom order request, click here to complete the form.



If you have questions about custom orders, please email


Custom Work Gallery


Custom Material Blanket Tapestry Jacket

Custom Size Floral Tapestry Jacket


Custom Material Babydoll Dresses